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Space Science and Technology Institute (SSTI) in Lithuania is a brand new private research organization established by the Lithuanian Space Association in 2010 and intended for space related scientific research, technology development and its transfer to the business organizations.
Institute has close relationships with most of the Lithuanian universities like Kaunas University of Technology, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Vilnius University and some space related business companies which makes it highly suitable for technology development and transfer for further commercial use.
Experience accumulated in the organization is mostly influenced by personalities working there, in case of SSTI the experience in spacecraft engineering, electronics, communication, aerodynamics etc. could be named. Some of the people working in institute and most of the members of its council have participated in ESA, NATO and FP5, FP6, FP7 European projects or are European projects experts in fields of space, aeronautics and transportation.
Institute has also good relationships with several European Universities and organizations performing the space related activities. Scientific and knowledge transfer visits are often organized to these universities. Several of such universities are: TU Delft in Netherlands, Aalborg University in Denmark, University of Applied Sciences of Aachen and TU Berlin in Germany, ETH Zurich in Switzerland etc.
Since the institute have good relationships with the Universities of Lithuania students of all levels (bachelor, master and doctoral) are (and are planned to be) widely involved in the scientific research work of Institute. This could give a great impulse in preparing the high level scientist and specialist in space and high-tech related fields. Such specialists are of extremely high importance first locally in Lithuania and entire Europe interested in space research programs.
As most of the high technologies in science or industry have space application origin, or have been implemented in space or could be implemented there the Space Science and Technology Institute have a wide range of possible fields of activity. Such wide range of possible activities allows both performing thorough researches and producing the final complete scientific or industrial demonstration products. Possibility of producing the final real scientific or industrial integral product was the keystone which had to highlight the SSTI among other research an industry institutions in Lithuania.
Mentioned space and high-tech related activities are intended to boost the high technology activities (both space and non-space related) in Lithuania which on its turn could lead to the rise and expansion of high-tech companies and rise of the brand new space related industry in Lithuania.
The recent activity of SSTI is creation of the first scientific nano-satellite in Lithuania intended both for scientific tasks, technologies demonstrations, educational purposes and popularization of science.


Space Science and Technology Institute
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